Mother's Best


Company Profile

Mother's Best manufactured by HDR Foods Corporation, is a Philippine brand known for its line of prepared and ready-to-use condiments, marinades, and sauces that bring out the distinct taste, 
aroma and quality homemade cooking.  

Founded in 1977 as a small-to-medium sized enterprise manufacturing hot sauces, Mother's Best has since added a roster of products to complement the 
hectic lifestyle of modern working people. 

The pioneering Mother's Best Hot Sauce (chili) continues to be the top-seller in the Philippines, and Mother's Best  Barbecue Marinade have received international recognition while the Mother's Best  Toyomansi (Soy Sauce with Philippine Lemon) and Mother's best Patismansi (Fish Sauce with Philippine Lemon), are the original Filipino invention of Mr. Hernand Datu Reyes, founder of HDR Foods Corporation.

Mother's Best Hot sauce Jingle

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